What Does a Water Ionizer Really Cost?

What Does a Water Ionizer Really Cost?

If you’re unfamiliar with water ionizers and the countless health benefits of the alkaline water that they produce, you might be thinking that the machines aren’t worth your money. Why would you buy or finance an ionizer when you can reach for a pack of bottled water for just $5 to $20 at your nearest Walmart?

Hold that thought. We’re here to show you that a water ionizer is a lifetime investment that can help you save more money than any of the other water options that you can find.

1. A water ionizer costs less than bottled water.

Did you know that American households spend an average of $16 billion on bottled water annually?

If you buy more than one bottle per day for you and your family on water that costs anywhere between $1 to $5, you easily shell out over a hundred dollars per week.

When you get a water ionizer, you’re making a purchase that will last for years. There are premium water ionizer companies that offer upgrades or discounts on filters and other parts, so that reduces the overall long-term price of your ionizer.

If you still think you can’t afford a water ionizer, don’t fret! There are many great options in the industry at a variety of price points.

Some brands also have financing programs that allow you to buy a premium ionizer for as little as $25 a month (Tyent USA is one such brand). Most of the time the financing costs WAY LESS than buying bottled water, and it’s WAY HEALTHIER.


2. A water ionizer gives you healthier, cleaner water than bottled water.

Depending on where your bottles are produced, bottled water is often just repackaged tap water. The same article we linked above states that about 64% of bottled water is sourced from municipal water plants – that means you’re paying high prices for the water that you can get in your own home!

Some brands of bottled water have been found to contain dangerous contaminants in excessive and unsafe amounts. Also, using plastic puts you at risk of consuming plastic-based bacteria and particles that can leak into your water, especially when you leave bottles in extreme heat.

Why spend hundreds to thousands of dollars every year on bottled water when you can get fresh alkaline water in your own kitchen every day?

A water ionizer effectively removes all contaminants and toxins from your tap water and ionizes it to give you the healthiest drinking water available – no plastic necessary.


3. A water ionizer is eco-friendly and lessens your carbon footprint.

We can’t talk about plastic without discussing its negative impact on the environment. Buying hundreds of bottles a year only worsens the national and global issue of plastic waste.

Not all plastics get recycled either. Even if they do, they can still release microplastics into their surroundings – and these tiny particles end up in the stomachs of helpless animals.

The manufacturing, storage, and delivery of bottled water also consume huge amounts of energy and fossil fuels. All in all, bottled water is the result of an environmentally exhausting process.

An ionizer doesn’t produce any plastic waste and can help you lessen water waste since you can use the acidic water for many non-drinking purposes. In terms of energy, a lot of models have an eco- or energy-saving mode, so you can lower your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.





4. A water ionizer gives you flavorful mineral-rich alkaline water.

Water is an important source of natural nutrients that help our bodies thrive. Unfortunately, many brands of bottled water don’t contain these essential minerals.

Even water produced by other popular filtration options like a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system and UV filtration system isn’t 100% purified and lacks the minerals your body needs to stay healthy. These devices also don’t necessarily eliminate the metallic taste of your tap water.

On the other hand, alkaline water straight from a water ionizer is jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants that – among other great things – hydrate and energize you and support your immune system. It’s also got the ideal pH level that balances our body’s alkalinity.


5. A water ionizer can be used for many purposes.

One of the best things about a water ionizer is that it’s a multipurpose machine, which means it can let you save money on non-drinking products. This isn’t something that water from plastic bottles, RO systems, and UV systems can do.

Ionizers with multiple water options give you access to stronger alkaline water that’s great for rinsing your vegetables and doing your laundry. For acidic water, you can use it as an all-natural toner and hair rinse, floor scrub, and wound cleanser. Check out our article on acidic water for more in-depth tips.


Make Healthier Choices with a Water Ionizer

Getting a water ionizer might seem expensive initially, but it saves you a lot of money down the line and gives you the healthiest drinking water on the market. With a water ionizer, you won’t be tempted to buy another plastic bottle ever again.

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Have you considered buying a water ionizer? What do you currently drink? Please share in the comments below.