What Are Water Ionizers Good For?

What Are Water Ionizers Good For?

Did you know that up to 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated? When we fail to drink enough water to properly hydrate ourselves, it can cause our bodies to experience symptoms of dehydration.

The health benefits of drinking water are more significant than most people may realize – playing a HUGE part in how we function on a day-to-day basis.

You’re going to want to drink the best water possible to avoid being dehydrated, which is…

– Alkaline Water Made from Water Ionizers –

Water ionizers have been around since the early 1950’s – but some people may still be unaware of what these machines can do or how they can benefit their home and long-term health.

To help bridge the gap and make you aware of what water ionizers are good for and what they are capable of – we’ll explain:

  1. Water Ionizers Can Filter Dangerous Contaminants and Bacteria from Your Water
  2. Water Ionizers Can Provide Alkaline Water Benefits
  3. Comparing Water Ionizer Models
  4. Top Water Ionizer Uses
  5. Where to Buy Alkaline Water Ionizers

Water Ionizers: How They Work, Benefits, Models, and Uses

Water Ionizers Can Filter Dangerous Contaminants and Bacteria from Your Water

water ionizers

When looking for the best source of clean drinking water – look no further than alkaline water that’s made from quality water ionizers.

You see…water ionizers can filter your water and block dangerous bacteria, contaminants, and toxins found, lowering your chances of getting sick.

Different machines use different filtration systems…so you’ll want to pay close attention to the filters used in a water ionizer. (electric or non-electric)

  • An electric alkaline water machine is installed with either single or dual filters that clean the water…with dual filtration units being the optimal choice for superior nutrient benefits because they will filter your water better than machines that just use a single water ionizer filter.
  • New, high-quality electric water ionizers are built with dual ceramic filters that can also remove lead, bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful contaminants – providing you with the peace of mind that you have the cleanest, safest water to drink on the go, at the office, and at home.
  • A non-electric water ionizer machine removes bacteria and contaminants before transforming regular water into alkaline water using multiple filters.

Water Ionizers Can Provide Alkaline Water Benefits

Through the filtration process of a water ionizer – you not only get to enjoy drinking clean water, but you also get to enjoy drinking alkaline water that can provide tons of health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits of alkaline water made from quality water ionizers:

What’s even more fascinating is that there have been over 1,000 scientific studies published over the years that can prove the long-term health benefits of drinking alkaline hydrogen water made from a water ionizer.

Comparing Water Ionizer Models

water ionizer
There’s a water ionizer out there that will fit your needs.

As with any household appliance, water ionizers come in different models to suit the specific needs and desires of each individual home:

  • Countertop
  • Under-Counter
  • Convertible 

Countertop water ionizers can easily be placed on your kitchen counter and connected to your faucet within 15-20 minutes…all without having to call a plumber. You’ll have a wide range of different countertop machines to choose from (in many shapes, sizes, and colors) to compliment the overall design and feel of your kitchen.

  • Note: Countertop water ionizers MUST be placed near a power outlet because kitchens don’t have power outlets installed below the sink. Some countertop units can be connected under the sink – but they still must be placed on the counter.

Under-counter water ionizers are directly installed under your kitchen sink. These machines are equipped with two spouts on the machine’s faucet that are quite stylish. One faucet will dispense the level of water selected on the control panel…and the other faucet will dispense any excess water.

  • Note: An under counter water ionizer is ideal for when you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen or you want to hide your machine from plain sight.

Convertible water ionizers were designed to be used on the countertop or under the counter…whichever you prefer. Some people may believe these machines to be the most desirable due to their versatility…but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • WARNING: You should AVOID convertible water ionizers because we have found them to be highly problematic. Countertop and under-counter machines both have specific uses…so to ensure that they function properly, they are meant to be built separately.
  • WHERE CONVERTIBLE MACHINES FALL SHORT: They end up messing up the correct pH level adjustment of your source water by trying to be both a countertop and an under-counter water ionizer.

Verdict: Choosing which water ionizer model to buy for your home really comes down to preference or what your requirements are for the installation process (especially if you don’t like to spend a lot of time putting things together.)

To ensure that you get a machine that won’t compromise on performance or the purity of the water…you’re better off deciding between a countertop or under-counter unit and staying FAR AWAY from a convertible machine.

Top Water Ionizer Uses

Other than their ability to make alkaline water for drinking – did you know that you can use a water ionizer to tackle some of the chores around your home?

It’s true! Some top-quality water ionizers can produce both acidic AND alkaline water at various pH levels for a multitude of health and household uses.

Here are some of the top ways to use water ionizers in your home:

  • Mild Alkaline Water (pH of 8 to 9.5): superior for drinking and obtaining health benefits
  • Mild Acidic Water (pH of 5 to 5.5): best for hair and skin care
  • Moderate Acidic Water (pH of 4 to 5): excellent for watering most houseplants and flowers
  • Strong Acidic Water (pH of 2.5 to 3): great for use as a household disinfectant to sterilize and clean toothbrushes, kitchens, bathrooms, trash cans, toilets, and various household surfaces
  • Strong Alkaline Water (pH of 10 and above): super effective at removing oil-based pesticides and residual chemicals from your favorite fruits and vegetables AND for cleaning oil-stained fabrics, pots, and pans.

Where to Buy Alkaline Water Ionizers

where to buy alkaline water

There are a lot of other cool things to learn about water ionizers – such as:

You may find yourself to be super pumped to buy a water ionizer now…and who can blame you?

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Have any cool water ionizer tricks up your sleeve? Please feel free to share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!