5 Reasons You Need a Water Ionizer That Produces Molecular Hydrogen

5 Reasons You Need a Water Ionizer That Produces Molecular Hydrogen

If you’ve made the excellent decision to buy a water ionizer, then you’re possibly in the process of weighing up which type to buy. We’re going to give you a valuable tip here: look for a water ionizer that produces high levels of molecular hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the smallest, lightest element in the universe. Molecular hydrogen has the ability to cross the blood/brain barrier to target the very core of every single cell, and penetrate and energize the powerhouse mitochondria of each one.

That’s quite a feat. Indeed, scientists around the world have been utilizing the unique properties of molecular hydrogen to make clinical breakthroughs for several years now.



So how does a water ionizer that produces molecular hydrogen benefit you?


1. Ionized hydrogen water is packed with natural antioxidants, which do battle with harmful free radicals, the pesky, volatile molecules responsible for oxidation, inflammation and the aging process.

2. You’ve heard of the ‘fountain of youth,’ and assumed it’s nothing more than a myth, right? In fact, the so-called healing springs in France, Japan, Mexico and India, among others, contain dissolved hydrogen molecules. The therapeutic hydrogen is why these wellbeing springs have gained a reputation over generations, for being a powerful (and thoroughly enjoyable) way to restore, relax and detox.

3. Over 1000 peer-reviewed clinical studies into the potency of molecular hydrogen as a therapeutic treatment have been carried out, and more are being published all the time. Having your very own supply of dissolved molecular hydrogen water at home is a fabulous way to support good health.

4. Here’s the clincher: not only does hydrogen water taste wonderful, it also hydrates you faster than tap or bottled water, works for longer and speeds up recovery time. Whatever your sport or best way of staying fit, drinking hydrogen water can help you do it faster, better and for longer.

5. Actually, no, this is the clincher…you don’t have to wonder whether it’s working or not – you can feel the positive effect on your energy levels pretty much straight away. That’s a good feeling.


Happy Hydration!

If you’re about to choose the water ionizer of your dreams, check out waterionizer.com as well. It’s another great resource for comparisons of hydrogen output, as well as other essential water ionizer must-haves!