Water Ionizers and 5 Common Misconceptions

Water Ionizers and 5 Common Misconceptions

Health enthusiasts know that the health benefits gained from drinking alkaline water are made with water ionizers, including the incredible results that people have been seeing in their day-to-day lives.

Will drinking 6 glasses of alkaline water a day really keep the doctor away?

Supermodel Miranda Kerr thinks so!

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“I follow an alkaline-based diet and I drink between two to three liters of Tyent alkaline water every day to stay hydrated,” said Kerr.

When Kerr told the world that she maintains her stunning skin and health by using a water ionizer daily, Hollywood followed suit.  Soon, other celebrities were revealing the secret ingredient used in their optimized diets: water ionizers!

From clean-living stars like Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston, everyone is enjoying the alkaline water benefits that come from using their own personal water ionizer.

Are these health results mythical or magical?

We dive deeper below:

Common Misconceptions About Water Ionizers

“Alkaline Water Has Zero Health Benefits” – False!

Drinking alkaline water from a top quality water ionizer helps to boost the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals, while also helping the body to flush out toxins like mercury and fluoride.

Drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer can also increase energy levels, aid digestion, provide powerful antioxidants and promote heartburn symptom relief.

With so many benefits involved with using a water ionizer, these still waters really do run deep!

“Alkaline Water Benefits Are the Same as the Benefits That Come From Bottled Water” – Nope!

Most bottled water has a pH below 7, with some bottled water reaching a pH as low as 3.4 (such as Vitaminwater), which is acidic and harmful to your health long-term!

On the other hand, alkaline water made from water ionizers contains a pH above 8, which can help balance out the excess acidity in your body.

Not all beverages were created equal!

“There Are No Noticeable Health Differences From Drinking Alkaline Water” – Actually…There Are!

Alkaline water drinkers consistently report a noticeable increase in energy levels and overall health, especially from alkaline water that’s rich in molecular hydrogen.

Drinking alkaline water also contributes to maintaining healthy skin!

Some of the skin and beauty benefits that you can enjoy by using a water ionizer daily are:

  • Brighter complexion
  • Fewer outbreaks
  • Improved skin hydration
  • Reduced dark circles

So, water ionizers contribute to increased energy, improved well-being, and healthier skin?

It sounds like turning your kitchen sink into a personal fountain of youth!

alkaline water
I’ll have a glass of delicious alkaline water!

 “Water Ionizers Don’t Do Anything. It’s Just Tap Water” – Wrong Again!

Depending on where you live, local tap water can have a pH level as low as 6, making the water acidic. Acidic tap water can affect your health and tooth enamel, and this water can also taste unpleasantly sour or metallic.

Water ionizers filter the water and regulate the pH, ensuring that drinkers receive optimum hydration and alkaline water benefits with a refreshing taste.

As you can see – using an alkaline water machine really can make all the difference!

“Water Ionizers are Expensive” – The Truth May Shock You…

 Water may literally fall from the sky, but water isn’t free.

Bottled water is pricey when you start adding up costs. Bottled water can cost over $300 per month and over $3,600 a year!

“The global bottled water market has grown by 9% annually in recent years and is worth $147bn,” says The Economist.

According to Business Insider, “consumers are spending 300 times the cost of tap water to drink bottled water.”

Money is going down the drain for what is essentially tap water wrapped up in plastic.

People should be buying quality water, not water that’s packaged.

Plus, bottled water is taking a huge toll on our environment.

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Photo Credit: HydrateLife

The Truth Behind Buying a Water Ionizer

The truth is, the average American household could save over $100 a month and $1,200 a year on their drinking water by investing in a water ionizer machine.

If you’re looking to purchase a water ionizer so that you can start enjoying the health benefits of alkaline water, then please check out our top water ionizer picks.

We recently named the Tyent ACE-13 our 2020 Best Overall Water Ionizer and the Tyent UCE-11 our 2020 Best Under the Counter Water Ionizer.

Goodbye plastic bottles, hello water ionizers…It’s time to put our money to better use!